2016 Winners


Flounder Pounder Winners


Big Fish

1st Chris Bush 10.50 lbs
2nd David Flood 7.40 lbs
3rd Greg Suki 6.15 lbs
4th Adam Grimes 6.11 lbs
5th Larry Finch 5.71 lbs


1st Frank Vining 20.56 lbs
2nd Frank Keiser 15.40 lbs
3rd Colin Phillips 13.05 lbs
4th Ben Dodd 11.30 lbs
5th Chip Wingo 10.75 lbs

Jr Angler

1st Tyler Etheridge 6.18 lbs
2nd Christian Bunting 4.05 lbs
3rd Jonathan Sierra 3.89 lbs

Toad Fish

1st Micheal Murray 1.78 lbs
2nd Ron Keiser 1.68 lbs
Congratulations to all anglers and thanks again for coming out and supporting Autism Awareness!

The mission of the JSA

is to provide every child with a positive learning experience in a safe and comfortable environment. JSA operates under an "Integrative Model" and is open to any student on the autism spectrum, ages 3-18 yrs. While our goals and programs may be very different for our individual students, our solidarity remains strong in our resolve as "parents and teachers in partnership" to help our children and students reach their potential.