Flounder Pounder Winners


Big Fish

2019 Big Fish Winners

1st Adam Grimes 8.55 lbs
2nd David Merry 7.14 lbs
3rd Frank Vining 6.81 lbs
4th Kenny Adams 6..22 lbs
5th Sean Bunting 6.18 lbs


2019 Aggregate Winners

1st Tom Wheeler 16.76 lbs
2nd Matthew Pollard 13.96 lbs
3rd Jerry Moulton 13.09 lbs
4th Brandon Ingallls 12.49 lbs
5th Colin Phillips 10.03 lbs


2019 Womens Winners

1st Alexis Morrison 5.38 lb
2nd Haley King 3.98 lbs
3rd Mallory Hendrix 2.58 lbs

Jr Angler

2019 Jr Angler Winners

1st Gavin Altman 2.43
2nd Justin Rothman 2.35 lbs
3rd Cody Dutcher 2.22 lbs
Congratulations to all anglers and thanks again for coming out and supporting Autism Awareness!