Congratulations to All of Our Winners, Participants, and Sponsors!

Even in the middle of a pandemic, with out any corporate sponsor, you have raised over $171,000 for autism awareness and the Jacksonville School for Autism. You have made this the best fishing tournament in Northeast Florida and have contributed thousands of dollars to help some of the most wonderful children in the world. Thank you for your generosity, time and willingness to make this tournament happen.


2020 Big Fish Winners

1st Adam Grimes 7.43 lbs
2nd David Merry 7.41 lbs
3rd Al Perkins 6.56 lbs
4th Gary Clay 6..27 lbs
5th Chris Laurer 5.68 lbs
6th Thomas Rady 5.68 lbs
7th Teddy Clayman 5.38 lbs
8th Chad Duncan 5.14 lbs
9th Kevin Mears 5.06 lbs
10th Chad Morrison 4.96 lbs

2020 Women's Winners

1st Alexis Morrison 4.05 lbs
2nd Amanda Daily 3.50 lbs
3rd Kirstie Martinez 3.49 lbs

2020 Jr Angler Winners

1st Brantley Davis 2.79 lbs
2nd Gracie Tillis 2.73 lbs
3rd Eddie Berrera 2.62 lbs

Congratulations to Austin Brychta for bringing in the biggest Toad Fish at 1.83 lbs.
Enjoy one sub a week from Angie's Subs!